We offer all landscaping services: from project design to execution. Professional landscape architects and landscaping specialists will create a design that best suits your territory, taking into account your own needs and the possibilities of the environment itself. Experienced landscaping specialists will carry out all the landscaping work.

Lawn installation

We will install a lawn based on your desires. The lawn is one of the key elements of a landscape design, and a properly installed and maintained lawn helps bring together different areas into one harmonious whole.

Slope reinforcement and landscaping

We offer slope reinforcement and landscaping services. This helps ensure stability as well as convenient use and protects the slope from landslides.

Rock and flower garden installation

We design, install and plant rock and flower gardens. These are the most decorative landscaping elements and they will add colour and life to your environment.

Planting flowers and decorative shrubs and trees

In planting flowers and decorative trees as well as shrubs, we consider various environmental factors, the soil and any requests that you may have. This is a simple way to add a touch of cosiness and beauty to your environment.

Planting mature trees

We plant and, if possible, transplant mature trees. This is an excellent method for populating your garden with mature trees in a relatively short period of time!

Landscaping for patios and balconies

We will create a planting plan for your patios and balconies, giving careful consideration to the design, purpose and exterior of your building. Patio or balcony landscaping makes for a cosier environment and really adds to the façade of a building.

Lawn protection against moles

We can lay a mesh to protect your plot of land from moles. This will prevent the rodents from burrowing to the surface. Your lawn will remain smooth and free of molehills.


We offer landscape maintenance services for all the elements of your environment: lawns, flower beds, rock gardens and other plants.

If you wish to enjoy a cosy and tidy environment all year round, you will have to ensure its regular upkeep. Our experienced and professional groundskeeping professionals will take care of your plants and make sure that your lawn is in impeccable shape and that your plants are healthy and beautiful.

Lawn maintenance

Great care is required for maintaining an even and dense lawn. This includes mowing, aeration, scarification and fertilisation. It extends the life of the lawn and maintains its greenness and beauty.  We provide all lawn maintenance services soc that you can enjoy an impeccable lawn.

Weed and moss eradication in lawns

Weeds and moss damage the appearance of the lawn itself and the overall impeccability of the environment. If they are not eradicated in time, a decorative lawn will turn into a mere field. We eradicate weeds and moss so that your lawn can stay perfect!

Weeding rock and flower gardens

For a colourful and blooming rock and flower garden, regular weeding and care is an absolute must. We offer weeding services so that you can enjoy their beauty from early spring to late autumn.

Fertilizing, shaping and covering plants for winter

Proper plant care ensures their health, decorativeness, long life and correct formation. We fertilize, trim, shape and prepare plants for winter so that they can bring you joy for a long time to come!