Early spring work

Early spring work

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Spring is an essential period for landscape maintenance. The appearance, health and fertility of your plants depend on how they are prepared in spring.

Work in private areas

After winter is over, trees and shrubs must be trimmed. There is no exact date for trimming trees and shrubs, but such work is generally reserved for the beginning of March.

The best day for trimming is an overcast but not rainy day. Trimming trees and shrubs ensures correct formation as damaged, competing and unnecessary branches are removed. Proper trimming also ensures sufficient light for the plant as well as protection against diseases and pests. Fruit trees that are trimmed on a regular basis yield larger and better-looking fruit.

Work in urban areas

Plants in urban areas should be trimmed by trained and authorized specialists (as regulated by Article 12 of the Law on Green Areas). The employees of the companies responsible for maintaining green areas must be certified for such work.

Proper trimming is the best preventive measure in plant care. Take care of your plants so that you can enjoy them for many years to come!

Source: Green Areas and Plant Maintenance Methods (Želdynų ir želdinių tvarkymo metodika), 2013.