Lawn maintenance

Lawn maintenance

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Regular care is essential for an impeccable lawn. Lawn maintenance mainly consists of scarification and watering.


Lawn scarification should be carried out in dry weather, when the lawn and soil are completely dry. The scarification process requires ideal humidity conditions. If either the air or the soil is too humid, proper scarification is simply not possible.

If the grass has grown tall, it must first be mowed and then scarified. Special machines with vertical blades are used for this task. The blades cut the surface of the lawn at a height of 10-30 mm, thus removing moss and surplus roots and grass blades. Scarification prevents the formation of thatch.

After scarification, the lawn must be thoroughly raked. Do not use nitrogen fertilizer on your lawn immediately after scarification because frosts may still be an issue when temperatures are generally low. Nitrogen fertilizer will stimulate growth, but it will also weaken the lawn’s root system, and frost can do even further damage to the weaker roots. In order to strengthen the root system and improve soil structure, use humic fertilizer after scarification (observe the manufacturer’s recommendations). When the weather is warmer and the grass begins to grow, the lawn must be mowed and fertilized (in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations) with slow fertilizer, which contains nitrogen and all the microelements necessary for an impeccable lawn.


Proper watering is essential for maintaining a beautiful lawn:

  • From spring to June and from mid-August to the end of the season, water your lawn in the mornings, and from June to mid-August, water it at night
  • If the temperature rises above +25 °C in the summer, water the lawn every night with 10-15 litres per square metre
  • If the temperature stays below +25 °C, water the lawn 3 times a week with 10-15 litres per square metre